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Automotive Paint Services at Boch Collision Center in Norwood, MA

Automotive paint makes your vehicle look good — but its purposes are so much more than just aesthetic! The paint that coats your vehicle keeps the metal body panels and doors protected, preventing corrosion and rust. Chipped, cracked, or scratched paint, therefore, affects more than just your vehicle’s looks: it can also put your car at risk of damage. If your vehicle’s paint is anything less than perfect, we are here to help at Boch Collision Center near Westwood, Massachusetts. Find out more about our automotive paint repair services on this page; then, schedule an appointment here at Boch Collision Center!

The Painting Process at Boch Collision Center Near Randolph, MA

If your vehicle has scratches or chips that go deeper than the clear coat, paint is likely necessary. Our technicians will thoroughly clean the area that needs to be painted; they will then prepare, prime, sand, and seal the area. After the preparations are complete, we will use our cutting-edge instruments to add an even coat of paint, followed by a clear coat. The result? A painted area that matches the rest of your vehicle’s paint job perfectly.

Quality Paint at Boch Collision Center Near Randolph, MA

When it comes to vehicle paint repairs, the technicians at Boch Collision Center are experts! They have lots of training in automotive painting and other repair services, and they have a wide range of paints to choose from, so they can always find the perfect match. Our collision center is certified by Nissan, Honda, and Toyota, but we welcome other vehicles too!

Schedule Automotive Paint Service at Boch Collision Center Near Randolph, MA

Whether your vehicle has a small chipped dent or a long scratch, we can handle all your paint repair needs right here at Boch Collision Center. To schedule an estimate, you can give us a call or make use of our online tool. We look forward to seeing you at Boch Collision Center!

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